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hey man, lay off my Devil’s Trumpets, especially my damn seed pods! stupid Tobacco Hookworm, drugs are bad because if you do drugs you’re a hippy, and hippies suck.

don’t get hooked (get it?) by peer pressure, kids. Datura are super fucking poisonous. just ‘cos the cool cat(erpillar)s are doing it, doesn’t mean you should…september 6, 2014

summer, 2013: a strange, tiny bug that almost resembles the silhouette of a brontosaurus (yes, I know there is no such thing as a brontosaurus, please bear with me) living inside the virtual jungle of a wild grape vine. the ants have a particular interest in them…I wonder if they (the ants)  farm them (the mystery bugs) like aphids?

the last of our Monarch butterlfy  photos from 2013, on one of our Zinnias…we saw a Monarch/s 4 times this season but alas no caterpillars…and it’s getting a bit late in the year…

september 8, 2013

a dire warning from the coven of squirrels displaced by the gentrification of the arboreal kingdom in the park behind us (they cut down a bunch of trees):

your tomatoes are not safe.

Squirrels are the Devil’s oven mitts. Be Warned.

september 18, 2014

the Devil’s Trumpets have bloomed…august 15-18, 2014

a lot of people choose to grow their heirloom Tomatoes in dirt, be it raised beds, rows, gardens, pots and even hanging bags. 

those people are weak and these tomatoes will crush them just to see them driven before these tomatoes and to hear the lamentation of their women.

yep, that’s right. these hard-ass tomatoes grew from between 2 concrete slabs. because they’re harder than your tomatoes. your tomatoes are weak and defenseless. they deserve to be subjugated by your unworthy shears. and yes, that is a concrete bucket they’re reclining on. hard ‘maters like to rest hard. you don’t ask a hard ‘mater why. hard ‘maters tell you why.

(we’ve probably gotten a half-pound or so already of this random plant. go figure. I’m not one to complain about free heirloom tomatoes.)

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